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  • Two monks walking past a billboard with the state slogan: “People’s Desire,” Yangon, 1999 width:360;;height:240
  • Monks walking alongside a young businessman, Yangon, 1999 width:360;;height:240
  • Horse among ancient stupas, Mrauk-U, Rakhine State, 2004 width:360;;height:240
  • Nightclub dancers, Yangon, 2000 width:360;;height:240
  • Madame with her girls, Yangon, 1999 width:360;;height:240
  • Lumber cutting in the jungle, Pathein, Ayeyarwady Delta, 2005 width:360;;height:240
  • Gamblers in a rural village, Pangamdm, Kachin State, 2003 width:360;;height:240
  • Dawi with his family, Karon (Pygmy village), Kachin State, 2003 width:360;;height:240
  • Workers attempting to jump-start a stalled rice truck. They succeeded, Pathein, Ayeyarwady Delta, 2004 width:360;;height:240
  • Soldiers, Patuo airport, Kachin State, 2001 width:360;;height:240
  • A girl carrying a steel pot to use for river water, Mrauk-U, Rakhine State, 2004 width:360;;height:240
  • The goalie is a buffalo, Rat Baw, Kachin State, 2001 width:360;;height:240
  • Burmese celebrating the Water Festival, Mandalay, 2005 width:360;;height:240
  • Taxi driver and hostesses waiting for customers, Yangon, 1999 width:360;;height:240
  • Young gangsters dress up during the Burmese New Year, Yangon, 2000 width:360;;height:240
  • U.S. economic sanctions against Burma forced this factory to shut down. It had been operating 24/7, Yangon, 2003 width:360;;height:240
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